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What does your most authentic self expression feel like?

Mana V McLeod

Tantric Life Coach 

Making the mundane sacred,

with embodied resilience,

while walking

the path of the Householder.

Being on a spiritual journey in a physical body can be challenging at times.

How do we allow the body to guide us on the path towards authentic aIiveness?

Where do the body, mind and soul find their balanced expression when we make our life's choices?

Tantra offers a spiritual path where your divine spark (Shiva) and your creative power (Shakti) become true team mates, in order to fulfill your purpose to its fullest expression while here on Earth. 

In this podcast, my friend and I, delve into the concept of making the Mundane sacred.

Relationships, kids, sex, death and annoyingly slow drivers amongst other things!


Be warned, I cuss like a sailor! ;-)

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